We recognize employers of every size are the key to scalable and sizable community change. And it starts by holding up the teams that are the backbones of our businesses… the employees who make us who we are… the individuals who help us move forward.

Our Vision. Our Why.

Our vision is a better and more inspiring world where people live out their hopes, dreams and aspirations; where they have a sense of purpose and live their lives intentionally; where they inspire others, have a sense of belonging and a feeling of peace.

Program Benefits

Made to Impact helps your employees with 5 easy-to-use solutions that help them overcome immediate financial hurdles today, while setting them up for long-term, brighter tomorrows.

Overcoming Challenges

An Income Access Line of Credit is easy for your team members to activate with a simple direct deposit, and help them get access to cash to cover expenses.

Emergency Savings

Our Emergency Savings Account puts your employees in a place to plan for everyday financial challenges – before they hit. The account can be set up in minutes, is automated through direct deposit, and incentivizes savings milestones.

Eliminating Debt

Debt Elimination Loans help your employees improve cash flow while freeing themselves from debt. And when they’re living life on their terms, you’ll benefit from happier, worry-free teams.

Preparing for the Future

When they’re ready, long-term savings accounts are a great tool to help your employees look ahead make big plans for what’s next in life.

Making an Impact

The real testament to financial independence is paying success forward. Our Impact Giving Accounts encourage charitable giving within your teams, and help your employees realize the impact of helping to lift others up.

Made to Impact is the vision of the team at Red Rocks Credit Union, who are inspired to live each and every day focused on their ‘Why’.

About Red Rocks

Strong relationships are the foundation of everything we do here at Red Rocks Credit Union. Originally chartered in 1979 and officially opened in 1980, we were founded on one idea that guides us today: care and concern for our community with a mission to encourage, enable and underwrite the hopes, dreams and aspirations of our members to have maximum impact.

Red Rocks Credit Union believes in inspiring its members to embrace living with intention. We’re a partner on life’s journey, helping members achieve goals and dreams by providing you sound financial advice, affordable rates and great service.

Discover the impact of helping your employees address today, while setting them up for tomorrow.

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