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What is Made to Impact?

A modern benefits package that helps people
make real progress toward financial freedom

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Meet Your Immediate Financial Needs


Achieve Your Finanical Goals


Give Back to Your Community

For most American families an unplanned expense would be a financial emergency.


This is a different kind of benefits program

Work benefits were designed to help employees, but there’s often a gap between typical benefits and actual needs. Most have been slow to adapt and don’t address the real financial challenges people face today.

We’ll help you stabilize cash-flow and meet basic needs today, and we’ll look ahead to help you save for emergencies, eliminate debt, prepare for the long term, and make an impact.

Designed to Help You Thrive

It’s easy to enroll, and your contributions are managed through automatic payroll deductions. And you can rest assured that 100% of your contributions will go to improving your finances and you will start to see progress quickly.

You can also trust that your dignity will be protected as participation is completely anonymous.

5 Simple Steps to a More Secure Financial Future

  • Road block Round

    1. Stabilize Cash-flow

    Establish a positive cash flow with access to Income Advance Benefit that gives you immediate access to emergency funds up to $2,000.

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  • Debt Round

    3. Eliminate Debt

    Eliminate the burden of crushing debt with debt elimination programs that will free up your funds, allowing you to accomplish your goals.

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  • Emergency Round

    2. Save for Emergencies

    Establish an emergency savings fund to improve cash flow.

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  • Savings Round

    4. Save for the Future

    Ready yourself for retirement and life’s major expenses by establishing a plan for long-term savings.

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  • Impact Round

    5. Make an Impact

    Exclusive impact accounts help you build on your success by giving back and meeting the needs of those around you.

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